Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A French Family Visits America...

... is a children's book my grandmother recently had published.  I'm very proud of her hard work and success.  Here is a summary from the book's website:

Summer has just begun and Kristine is excited to plan her whole vacation. She is, however, surprised to see new neighbors as she awakes one bright morning. After observing how the new children played and talked, she decides to befriend them. The four kids seem to like the same toys as Kristine except that the children appear to need some help in using the toys. But how could Kristine help when she couldn’t speak French and the children could not speak English? A French Family Visits America delightfully follows how Kristine reaches out a helping hand to welcome Marianne, Benjamin, Camille, and Elise. From enjoying chocolate chip cookies to celebrating birthday parties, Easter, and Thanksgiving, readers will have a splendid time following the foreign children as they embrace American culture.

Find out more about Marjorie Bantle's book here:


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