Monday, March 22, 2010

Highlights from My Trip to the Winter Games

My adventure began February 11th as I departed the Burbank airport for Seattle, Washington.  Upon arriving in Seattle, I connected with friends and spent the day exploring Seattle, seeing Pike's Market, the original Starbucks and the Space Needle.  We feasted on a Thai food and later that evening drove to Bellingham (just south of the border) to spend the night.  In the morning we drove across the border and took the Skytrain into downtown Vancouver.  The torch made it's way through the city not long after we arrived and that night we watched the broadcast opening ceremony only a few blocks from where it was actually taking place!

Over the next few days, we explored downtown Vancouver, Stanley park, Granville Island, Gastown, and the Vancouver Live Cities, having a fantastic time taking in the sights.  It didn't take long to master the light rail transit and learn our way about town.  A bit dismal at first, the weather improved over the course of the trip with the last days being sunny and warm (warm for Canada anyways).  We stayed in a rented house in Langley, about an hour's drive outside the city (my last night in Canada though I spent couchsurfing in Coquitlam).  After the Canadian adventure, I returned to Seattle where I spent one more night before flying home.  While my budget didn't allow for me to see any events live, I didn't feel as though I had missed any of the Olympic experience.

Vancouver is a beautiful city.  I recommend traveling there if you're looking to explore the Pacific Northwest.  I'm glad I had the chance to visit the Winter Games and would recommend making the trip if you have the opportunity.  Someday, I hope to visit the Summer Olympics as well!