Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Davis Photo Project: The Results

Though most of the cameras went missing, I am thoroughly impressed by the results of the surviving Craft Center camera. Being a disposable camera, the image quality is not always great, but people's creativity and the effort they put into going places with the camera exceeded my expectations. Some of the photos (likely taken at night?) didn't come out and weren't included in the slide show. Also, a few others were taken by a friend of mine to finish off the roll of film. Many thanks to those who helped me with the project and all those I don't know who contributed to the project to make it happen.

I'd love to hear from the people who took the photos! Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about the project or suggestions on how future projects could be made better by commenting on this post. Thanks again!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Davis Photo Project: The Locations

Map showing the locations of the cameras (indicated with a red square)

The four cameras were placed at noon on Monday and collected at noon on Wednesday. When I checked on their progress Tuesday, two of the four cameras were not there. When I decided to collect the cameras on Wednesday, another was also gone. It is possible that the cameras could have been taken and were in the process of being returned however, I'm lead to believe the missing cameras were stolen because I checked each location twice with a little more than an hour in between each check. Also, the two that were missing Tuesday were still not there Wednesday, with no more website tags having been removed from the signs and with one sign missing altogether.

If however, I am mistaken and the cameras were out being used, please contact me by commenting/e-mailing/calling and we'll get the cameras developed and the photos posted! :)

Camera placed next to the Craft Center behind the Silo

Camera on the landing of the SE stairwell in Wellman Hall

Camera placed at the MU bus stop

Camera placed next to the STA Travel center in the MU

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Davis Photo Project

The goal of this project is to see what pictures people will take around the UC Davis campus. Four disposable cameras, each with 27 shots, will be placed around UC Davis in high traffic areas. I'm hoping for pictures of people, bikes, buildings and other surroundings passersby find interesting. The next Davis Photo Project post will show where each camera was placed and the final post will include the photos people have taken.
The sign that will appear with each camera