Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Bunny Patrol

We're big fluffy bunnies
We attract all the hunnies
After seven years
We're still having fun.
Now we're under 30
Still looking so dirty
And we'll still go out
On Easter egg hunts.

Singin,singin, singin
Pass me a basket I'll hop on my feet
If you find the eggs you'll find a treat
We have big tails of cottony white
Do not pull on them we'll put up a fight

We are the bunnies
We come from the valleys
Of San Fernando
Of Los Angeles.
We try not to be
Too prissy for you
But we have big pink ears
Most of the time.


We call him the leader
Of this sad patrol
From Troop 104
You know us all.
Now we will leave you
As we end our song
We know you are snoring
So we'll leave you alone.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Close encounters with the Three Wolf Shirt

The sun was slowly sinking below the horizon and a cool ocean breeze brought the smells of the Pacific wafting around us as we walked by the shops along Venice beach. As the light was fading and the wind began to chill our hands, a strange sensation came upon us. It was a mysterious radiant energy, emanating from a nearby shop. We were inexplicably drawn in by its captivating power. Helpless to resist, we had to determine the source of such a wonderful force.

Then we saw it. Those who'd never heard of the fabled Three Wolf Shirt stood dead in their tracks, paralyzed by its magnificent power and unsure how to react. It was only because I was wearing a Reddit shirt and had a deep respect for the apparel that I was able to approach and have my picture taken. Had the shirt been on a male individual, it would have been a different story. I would have stood back in awe unable to approach, as women undoubtedly would be flocking around him. I left that day a changed man. Having come so close to such power was an experience I won't soon forget.

How do you make Christ look great in your life?

This video reminds me of Matthew 6:20-21.

I saw this yesterday in church, though I do agree with John Piper on the use of media in sermons.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why I keep my goals a secret

photo by borghetti

Some people say one way to help achieve your goals is to share them with others. When you share your goals, you gain others' support and encouragement. While this support would seem beneficial, I haven't always found this to be. As a matter of fact, unless I'm sharing my goals with someone specifically so they can keep me accountable, I've found the opposite to be true. I lose motivation to work towards my goals.

In high school, I became really excited about building a Tesla coil. I did online research, bookmarking a number of pages I was going to use as references; I started collecting plastic 2-liter bottles to build a salt water capacitor; and I made the mistake of telling everyone about my Tesla coil goal. After the initial excitement wore off and the hard work hit, I lost my motivation. Everyone already knew what I was going to do and had praised me for it, so why did I actually have to build it?

Fast forward six years. Nearly everyone I'd told had forgotten about my Tesla coil endeavors, but my references were still bookmarked in my browser and I still wanted to build the coil. With a nearly completed engineering degree, machine shop, and time at my disposal, I was also better equipped to take on the more difficult aspects of design and construction. I started working again towards my goal, but this time, I didn't announce it like I had before. When people asked what I was up to, I would tell them I was working on an electronics project, but not go into much detail. While I did update my progress on my blog and outline some of my goals there, I wrote mostly about what I had already accomplished and couldn't receive the same sort of support or approval as I would telling someone in person. As I neared the completion of the coil, I began telling people about my project. At this point, however, I had the momentum needed to see the project through to completion.

As it turns out, psychologists have looked at how telling others about your goals affects your motivation to achieve them. It is believed that by telling another about your intentions, you achieve part of your 'identity goal' simply by talking about it.

I enjoy telling others about what I hope to accomplish. I've also gained valuable insight from people who have already achieved goals I am pursuing. However, I've found it's in my best interest to let my actions do most of the talking.

What Happens at College Part 4

Senior year you look to the future. Your future career, schooling, and living arrangements. You'll likely be taking elective classes that will determine the focus of your major while you think of what line of work you're interested in pursuing. You'll also take the GREs, LSATs, EITs, CBEST, or other tests to help you in your pursuit of graduate school or a job.

In your last year at college, you'll guide the future of others too. Having taken most of your classes and most of the professors in your major, others will come to you seeking advice about courses and instructors. You'll also be able to direct the future of the clubs and organizations you are apart of by continuing to lead or by encouraging members to pursue their goals for the group. Before long, you'll graduate and move on to the next chapter in life.