Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Bunny Patrol

We're big fluffy bunnies
We attract all the hunnies
After seven years
We're still having fun.
Now we're under 30
Still looking so dirty
And we'll still go out
On Easter egg hunts.

Singin,singin, singin
Pass me a basket I'll hop on my feet
If you find the eggs you'll find a treat
We have big tails of cottony white
Do not pull on them we'll put up a fight

We are the bunnies
We come from the valleys
Of San Fernando
Of Los Angeles.
We try not to be
Too prissy for you
But we have big pink ears
Most of the time.


We call him the leader
Of this sad patrol
From Troop 104
You know us all.
Now we will leave you
As we end our song
We know you are snoring
So we'll leave you alone.


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