Thursday, September 6, 2012

Business Beginnings

In March, I filed official paperwork with the county of Ventura to start Iconoglyph, a small business offering custom laser cut and engraved products.  Since inception, I have seen varying amounts of business largely dependent on the availability of my brother, Ryan, to market our products and services.

All of the production takes place in my rented bedroom in Santa Paula, so as you might imagine, I'm always low on space!  I've recently added a vinyl cutter to the mix and will soon be receiving a 3D printer as well, so a larger place may be in order soon.

Many customer designs I work on myself, but occasionally I contract the design work when I need fast results or am busy with other things.  I enjoy being able to decide how much time and work I put into the business.

Special thanks to Elkan Hwang for producing our logo and Nicole Corpuz for photographing so many of our products!