Monday, February 8, 2010

Opening the Time Capsule

Written December 31, 1999

Hi, I am Glenn Nicholson Langton.

I am in 7th grade now and just came back from a vacation in Hawaii with my family and Uncle Art and Grandma Owl.  I am really excited about the new millennium, century, score, decade, year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second, and so on.  I will spend my time talking about the new millennium 2000!  I think the millennium will bring many new inventions and interesting things but I also think it will bring more sin and sad times.  Only the Lord knows what it will bring.  I am 12 years old, my brother Ryan is 15, I like food with cheese and buttery tastes, my favorite color is green (that is why the card is green), when I grow up I want to have a big house, a solar car, and I want to be a marine paratrooper who flys planes and does chemistry work (I do not know if this can be done).  I really like science and enjoy reading Boys Life, National Geographic World, and Tintin books.  I was the one who was interested in doing the time capsule.

In light of the Y2K, projections and reflections for the millennium and century. By: Ryan Langton

I think the new millennium will bring many changes in our way of life just as the previous one has.  These changes will affect some of the same areas of our lives as the previous changes have, including: transportation, science, technology, food, culture, and commerce.  With the right use, I think many new products can be put to work in a way that will benefit mankind. On the other hand, without guidance from our Lord Jesus Christ (meaning if man doesn't include him in the picture) I don't see a very bright future.  Personally, I have a hope for the future in Jesus Christ. I still wonder how anyone can live day by day without the hope of Jesus' return.  This is certainly something I look forward to in the future.  Earth is generally a nice place to live (at least for me), but heaven will be a whole lot better.

Until then, see ya later alligator!

What will the new century bring?  By: Stephen Langton

1. Loss of Privacy
2. A greater understanding of genetic code
3. Fewer story tellers and more listeners
4. Writing on paper will be less and less
5. New diseases will appear
6. God's word will continue to be shown to be true

By: Jeralynn Langton

A time capsule - what an interesting idea.  Four of us - thanks to God, will have time and eternity with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our family will spend eternity together! For now, we will enjoy being a family here and supporting each other as we use the skills and talents God has give us.

What does the future hold?  We can't be sure and that's a good thing. I think:

1) Stephen and I will like to camp even after Ryan and Glenn have moved out.
2) Stephen and I will live on Blackhawk St. for many, many years
3) Stephen and I will one day again own a dog
4) Stephen and I will one day manage the Bantles apartments in Burbank
5) Jeralynn will learn basic computer skills
6) Jeralynn will have organized a Girl Scout Troop #671 reunion by the time the capsule is opened
7) Ryan will pursue his love for herpetology and be a research writer
8) Glenn will change his major in college a couple of times before focusing in on something
9) LA will have an earthquake equal to that of 1994
10) California will have a homosexual governor
11) Vacations in space will be an option
12) Ways to test for deafness and operations to correct it will be done in the womb
13) There will be a mega vitamin that takes care of all nutritional and caloric needs
14) There will be no need for telephone wires
15) The butterfly population will suffer near extinction
16) Clothes will be laundered with super sonic sound to clean them
17) Most of the world will eat products made to "look like food" but it's really nutrients from the sea
18) People will be able to have an electronic chip implanted near the ear to be able to receive radio waves and "tune in" to their favorite stations
19) Doll faces and G.I. Joe figures will be made to look like the child who is the owner
20) Cloud seeding will be perfected and used world-wide to help eliminate droughts
21) Cars will be programmed to take the owner on a pre-determined route w/o driver controls on special rails

List of items in the capsule:
A shoe horn
WWJD bracelet
Leather bookmark
Four letters
Bag of postage stamps
Pen with ether bulb
Boys' Life magazine
Clothes pin
Peppermint candy
Three SoBe caps
Broken watch
DARE key chain
Four pogs
Cereal box magnet
1/2 a walnut shell (for making a toy boat)
Typewriter spacing ruler
Shell necklace
Four short biographies in a paper towel tube
Family Christmas photo from Hawaii
Four glass beads and a bird tag in a plastic container
Plastic heart with words: Grandma Bantle "Symbol of Spreading Love"


Anonymous said...

dude this is so cool!! mother was right about like half of her list!! they are seeding the clouds over tibet! who had even heard of cloud seeing back then?


Jason Pope said...

Stephen had some pretty good insights,
However Glenn, yours seem a little vague. :D

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