Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Happens at College Part 2

Sophomore year determines your direction.  After having taken some classes, you might find the major you chose as a senior in high school isn't all you thought it was.  Or maybe the weeder classes you thought you could push through, turn out to be more than you can handle.  Having been introduced to classes, professors, and the general workings of college, sophomore year you'll establish the course you'll take for the rest of college.

At this point you're not likely to be living in the dorms and have chosen some of your dorm friends, classmates or club friends to be living with.  This selection effects who you'll be looking to for support and how you'll be spending much of your nonacademic time.  By the end of sophomore year, you'll have an established group of friends and classmates that you'll be living and working with through graduation.


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