Friday, May 22, 2009

What Happens at College Part 1

Freshman year relationships are built.  Yes, you'll be taking classes and adjusting to life away from home, but the first year at college is really about building relationships.  More importantly, you learn how to build relationships.  Relationships with people from very different walks of life and very different world views.  This is the most important thing one learns Freshman year.

Living in the dorms introduces you to more people, faster than any other time in college.  Many of these friends will continue to be your friends for the rest of your time at college and quite possibly the rest of your life.

Upon leaving home for college, a former scoutmaster of mine told me, "If you survive freshman year of college, you'll get through the rest of college just fine."  Indeed, your first year at college can be a taxing time of change.  But as a general rule, if you can manage the first year, the remaining can be done as well.  And, more likely than not, they will go by faster than you'd like.


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