Thursday, November 15, 2012

Revisiting the METAR Weather Reporter

After a decent number of requests for the source code used on my METAR weather reporter I made in 2010, I've decided to make it more readily available (see below for source).  Shown above is a photo of one individual's version in action.

If you haven't already, you'll need to download the latest versions of Arduino and Processing.  The Processing sketch also requires an appropriate font file to run correctly.  Place the font ".vlw" file in a folder called "data" in the same directory as the Processing sketch and change the font name in the Processing sketch to match the ".vlw" font file name (if you chose to use a different font than the one below).  After this, run the Processing sketch on your computer and load the Arduino sketch onto your board with lcd character display connected according to the pinout noted in the code.  The Arduino will also require a USB serial connection to communicate with the Processing program.  My code is currently set up to report KSAC weather, but it's easy to change the weather reporting location.  Simply edit the airport identifier at the two locations in the Processing sketch to the one you're interested in.  Happy coding and safe flying!

Source Code:
METAR code for Processing
Processing Font Files
METAR code for Arduino


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