Friday, July 10, 2009

Mjöllnir I: starting construction

I was excited to find the two sites I frequent most on the internet both have Tesla related logos:
Having received many of the parts I ordered in the mail, I've started construction of the coil. In the picture below you will see the NST in the upper left, with a line filter (this protects the house and neighborhood from the coil which can cause power surges back into the grid) next to it. The capacitors which will make up the capacitor bank are in the middle and a half assembled NST protection filter is below the NST on the left. I also have here the copper tubing from which the primary coil will be made and a bag of 1Mohm resistors. A few tools and wires can be seen on the right.
I'm still waiting for the high voltage wire to come in the mail, so in the mean time I'll be constructing a chassis to hold all these goodies and support the secondary and top load. More to come later!


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