Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Santa Paula Dead Drops

Today I placed Santa Paula on the Dead Drop map with two 4GB USB drives, bringing the total number of recorded drops in California to twelve.  A sort of digital Geocache, Dead Drops are an "anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space."  It's a means of sharing files with people simply by connecting to a USB drive embedded in a wall!  Links to my drops can be found here and here.  If you visit any of them, share about it by writing a comment below!


Gannon said...

I just learned of dead-drops through stumbleupon.com

Seeing as how I live in Santa Paula, I will be sure to seek these out in the very near future... and maybe share a file or 2 :)

Glenn Langton said...

Gannon, the drop near Mupu was vandalized a little while back but the one at the Oil museum is still doing fine last I checked.

Unknown said...

I tried to find them today but I only found the oil Museum one still working

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